Cedar Hill Corporate Group

A group of horticultural companies specialising in the production and marketing of Australian native plants for the Nursery, Landscaping and Cut Flower industries.

Premium Greens Australia / Australian Flora Corporation

Sales and marketing division for export and domestic markets for cut foliage and cut flowers sourced from our own company Cedar Hill and other leading farms. For more information visit our website Premium Greens Australia

Cedar Hill Flowers and Foliage

Sustainable harvest and processing and packing of unique Australian native cut foliage under strict government guidelines.

Australian Plant Specialists

Propagate and supply premium quality tubestock to retail, wholesale and landscaping industries. The location, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast provides the perfect growing conditions to allow production throughout the year. Plant range includes a large variety of Australian natives and ornamental shrubs. For more information visit our website Australian Plant Specialists

Australian Plants Online

Online retail nursery with a large selection of native Australian plants, ornamental and exotic plants, bulbs, seeds, and garden care products. Plants selected to suit most east and south coast climates. For more information visit our website Australian Plants Online