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Cedar Hill Corporate Group

Cedar Hill Corporate Group is a group of Australian horticultural companies specialising in the production and marketing of Australian native plants for the nursery, landscaping and cut flower industries; and a wider range of native and exotic plants for home garden use.

Premium Greens Australia

Premium Greens Australia is the sales and marketing division for the export and domestic markets for cut foliage and cut flowers. These are sourced from our own company, Cedar Hill Flowers & Foliage, and other leading farms in Australia.

Cedar Hill Flowers and Foliage

Cedar Hill Flowers & Foliage carries out sustainable harvesting, processing, and packing of unique Australian native cut foliage under strict government guidelines, to supply Premium Greens Australia customers worldwide.

Cedar Hill Plantations

Cedar Hill Plantations was set up as a research facility for cultivating umbrella fern commercially under shade. Today it is the motherstock farm for Australian Plant Specialists and the foliage farm for Premium Greens Australia.

Australian Plant Specialists

Australian Plant Specialists propagates and supplies premium quality tubestock to retail, wholesale, and landscaping industries, and to Australian Plants Online. The location on the subtropical Sunshine Coast provides the perfect growing conditions to allow production throughout the year. The extensive plant range includes a large variety of Australian natives, and ornamental shrubs, as well as specialist lines.

Australian Plants Online

Australian Plants Online is a 100% Australian-owned online retail nursery selling direct to the Australian public, with a large selection of native Australian plants, ornamental and exotic plants, bulbs, seeds, garden gift items, and garden care products. Plants are selected to suit most typical Australian garden climates and conditions.


Vitroflora is the research and development arm of the Cedar Hill Corporate Group, and its commercial plant tissue culture laboratory. The company selects, develops, and propagates a diverse range of native and exotic plants to suit the differing requirements of the ornamental, landscape, revegetation, and farming industries.


Hortpac is the Australian agent for Far East Label Co packaging, supplying wholesale boxes, labels and stickers to Australian companies.

Australian Bouquet Company

Australian Bouquet Company launched in 2020 to send bouquets, posies and bunches direct from the grower to the consumer. The range of products showcases the beauty of Australian native foliages and flowers as decorative additions to the home, for gifts, events and celebrations.

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